Wi-Fi System Installation (Ubiquiti)

Some Wi-Fi systems are slow, hard to manage, and lack in features.

-Get a Wi-Fi system through us, it’s easy.-


A church wants to provide Wi-Fi to their staff & congregation. They want the staff Wi-Fi to be completely separate from the Wi-Fi the congregation has access to for security reasons.  They don’t know where to start.


The church contacts Space City Networks to meet about installing a Wi-Fi system and all of their requirements. We recommend a system to them and they are pleased because it offers exactly what they need and is scalable for if they grow in the future. The church orders the equipment and it shows up. Space City Networks runs and terminates all of the cabling and installs the wireless access points and other equipment.

All of our Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi networks are fully managed by us, we take care of updates and configuration to make it as easy on you as possible!


  • Equipment +
    • First cable run – $75
    • Every additional cable run – $50*
  • Controller
    • $10/month
      • This fee is waived if you host a website with us (business plan only).
  • On boarding (taking over a system someone else installed) costs $5/Access Point one time.

*Additional cable runs include re-visits (installing additional wireless access points). The $75 is only paid the very first time we install a wireless access point.

Space City Networks recommends Ubiquiti.

Get the monthly UniFi controller fee WAIVED with purchase of website hosting (Business plan only)!!Hosting