Virtual Private Server Hosting

"I don't want to have to worry about having a server on site."

-Let us host it, it's easy.-


A small business wants a server for hosting a shared files drive and a Point of Sales system but doesn't want to have the server on site because they don't have the room.


The company contacts Space City Networks about a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS). Space City Networks sets up the VPS and assists the company in loading software and resources that are needed.


VPS Package 1

30 GB Storage

30 GB of total storage.


2 GB of RAM is included.

VPN Connection

Connect and keep your server secure with a VPN connection!

Daily Backups

Yep - you heard us right! Daily backups!

Battery Backup

Our servers are all on battery backups, so if the power goes out they will save whatever they are doing and safely shut down. No data loss!

15 Day Money Back Guarantee!


+ a one time $5 setup fee.

*15 day money back guarantee only applies to hosting charges. Setup fees are final.

Additional charges may apply.