Managed I.T. Services (MSP)

Companies today should focus on managing and building their business and cannot afford downtime, viruses, slow computers and networks, updates, or errors.  With Space City Networks’ proactive managed I.T. services, you don’t have to worry about all of that. Proactive I.T. means that we keep all of your equipment stable and up to date so errors and downtime are less likely to happen. Unfortunately, most companies practice what is called reactive I.T.. Reactive I.T. is often called “Break/Fix I.T.” When something breaks, you call the I.T. company. Reactive I.T practices lead to more downtime because you have to wait for the I.T. company to arrive, assess the situation, examine your network, come up with a plan, and finally fix the issue. With proactive I.T., or “managed I.T. services”, the I.T. company already knows your network inside and out. They will manage your equipment and keep it up to date. This gives them a good idea of your possible risks. Plus, it is cheaper than reactive I.T. because it will take less time to resolve issues if they arise.

How we do Managed I.T.:

  • Assess your current I.T. infrastructure, hardware, and operating systems.
  • Analyze potential risks.
  • Learn what you expect of your I.T. systems and what works for you.
  • Monitor your systems to prevent data loss and costly downtime.
  • Avoid costly one-time fees for a “reactive I.T.” call and receive faster support – we can fix most problems remotely!
  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware – Put a stop to annoying viruses, spyware and pop ups!
  • Install remote access software so we can (with your permission) connect to your computer instantly and fix the problem from anywhere rather than having to waste your time driving all the way to your location – leaving you with a broken computer during that time.
  • Schedule times to perform updates so your business day is not affected.
  • You’ll finally have peace of mind about your I.T. system!
  • Perform monthly “check-ups” of your system.
  • The normal network/PC diagnostics fee of $75/hour is eliminated.


  • $30/Month
  • Specials:
    • Only $20/Month when you have a business web hosting plan!